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It seems that to some if not most people, Rarity is one of the most hated or the least likable character in MLP: FiM or out of the mane six (including Spike). I don't get why Rarity is hated a lot but we'll show you Rarity's good side and not her bad side.


1. Join this club if you're a fan of Rarity, MLP: FiM, or if you just like Rarity.

2. Any art about Rarity or Rarity with friends are welcome but any hate art about Rarity or other characters are not allowed.

3. Anthro arts about Rarity are welcome however any over-sexual mature pictures about Rarity or others (including pairings) are not allowed.

4. Be nice to everyone.

5. Opinions are welcome but don't bash on anyone for having a different opinion than yours.

6. Affiliating a club is allowed but Affiliating an anti-club or a hate club is not allowed. Sorry!

7. For now on, if you are about to submit any art about Rarity or with her friends, make sure you submit into the right folder. If not, then I'll have to either decline the submission or place the submission onto the right folder.

8. Explicit Mature Fanfics (e.g extreme blood, gore, sexual things, etc) and/or Clop Fanfics are not allowed for submission.
Founded 2 Years ago
Jul 28, 2011

North America

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Fan Club

3,152 Members
3,266 Watchers
103,264 Pageviews
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:iconprotect-fluttershy: Protect-Fluttershy Please give her some love. :iconprotect-rainbow-dash: Protect-Rainbow-Dash Calling All Rainbow Dash Fans! :iconprotect-pinkie-pie: Protect-Pinkie-Pie :iconprotectapplejack: ProtectApplejack She Deserves Better <3 :iconprotect-twilight: Protect-Twilight Twilight needs more love.


Pony in real life is NOT tolerated

Shipping is ONLY accepted with cannon character ONLY, we are going to remove all shipping with OC.

We do not accept artwork that contain disturbing content not suitable for minors.
This include mid to excessive blood, dismemberment, death, adult content and mature, sexual innuendo and so on. The staff of PRC reserve all rights to decline any artwork they deem not suitable for this group with or without notices.

Any artwork that does not have a minimum of effort done, or poorly draw on purpose.

Any artwork using a vector of someone else, we are a creative group, using someone else artwork as main source of the post is against this rule and therefor not welcome on this group. If you do use a background vector of someone else, but made yourself the vector of rarity, this is ok. If you use the vector pony of someone else, and recolor it, or just do the background, this is not ok.

Vectors are inspected carefully, and we will not accept any vector you have not made yourself.

And of course, pony wallpapers is NOT a category on this group, if you have made a wallpaper, post it on the proper category that is suitable for it. It is the choice of any deviants to use your work and consider as a wallpaper or not.
an example of an artwork that can be considered as a wallpaper can be like :

We will decline every shity attempt of using a vector with a poorly made background such as this:…
where all the artwork was used by someone else.

Because you think it was a good idea to tinker two artist artwork and combine them together doesn't mean you are creative and it should be featured here.

Group affiliation will only be accepted if related to Rarity in a direct mean, exception are shipping OC groups.

And of course, on a final note, kiriban, promotions, OC unrelated to rarity, and any kind of promo, contest, begging, and alike are not tolerated and will result in a permanent block from the group.

We are here to enjoy the artwork of rarity, we are not part of spam, hate group, and anything unrelated to the spirit of rarity.

I hope those rule were made clear, and wish you a good stay on this group.
If you have any questions, either reply on this journal, or send me a PM to remain anonymous.

Thank you.
Hello everypony and thank you again for being part of this amazing community here to protect rarity.
After a couple of months of observations and trial, we have come back to this major update.

* The wallpaper folder have been removed
    ~ Wallpaper will only be accepted if they do not contain reused vectors and will
        be added in their proper folder. Example: protect-rarity-club.deviantart…

* Voting have been re-enabled, from 3 to 5 votes required depending of their folders content out of 8 active staff members, so submitting may be faster or slower to show up as we inspect them carefully.

* New folder "Nightmare Rarity", as per popularity, and number of art draw, she have her own folder

* Rules remain unchanged, as we still insist that we will NOT allow reused vectors, mildly or gore, porn or highly suggestive sexual display, and of course, anything that weren't made by you at the exception of collaboration.

That mean, if you intend to make a wallpaper and place a vector of rarity on it, it will be immediately removed from the galley.

And obviously, picture in real life are completely forbidden, regardless if you own the picture or not.

I wish you a happy summer, and make sure to Note me or post in this Journal if you have any questions.
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Meet the admins of the group.
Treat them well and they shall do the same to you.



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Hey there, thanks a lot for requesting my drawing "Radiance (Custom)"! :D
Melipony Mar 26, 2014  New member
lol It's a bit funny how a contributor is the most active and the founder is not among the top five shown. xD

I didn't notice how big this group was before now btw. But it makes me very happy. :) I hope ProtectApplejack will grow this much too. And Protect-Twilight. Still see alicorn Twilight hate, on eBay there was someone trying to sell aurora sitting Twilight with the wings cut off. :( The other pony protect groups needs more love too. ^^
threalrarity Mar 15, 2014  New member
Rarity is best pony Clapping Pony Icon - Rarity!!!! YAY 
BrutalFruit Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a great group. Many people say things like "She's stuck up". 


She is my fav :heart:
Rarity is not my fav, but I am SO RELIEVED that there is a group of her, (idk why. xD)- thanks admins!
Nachtana Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hm. She's Anthro, a Tabletop Figurine, solo and weares a cosplay. Which file should my favorite pony take?
(1 Reply)
SomedaySakuhin Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not entirely sure where to put my Rarity fanart: It has her pony self and a human version on it. Would it go into the human folder or the Rarity and friends folder? ='D
(1 Reply)
Taiya001 Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know why people dont like her, she is used by writers as the most "annoying" character(dont agree). I do not know why the creators of the stories cant get past stupid cliche characters and not just have the same characteristics seen in other shows. I wish the creators would stop giving TS all the power and magic and let Rarity grow some more and prove that she is not just her fashionista self. It is a shame that writers are so caught up with the whole "Twilight show" that they relegate the other characters as sidekicks and treat them as such.
(1 Reply)
I love Rarity both as a character, as well as a couple with Spike. Certainly a better couple than her with Fancy Pants, which just isn't going to happen.

So can I join?
(1 Reply)
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